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Sarah & John

What happens when a Disney Princess (not even kidding!) meets her Prince Charming, while working at Disney!?  They fall in love, and start their literal Happily-Ever-After with a gorgeous wedding day in July.  Sarah and John are two of the kindest people you’ll ever meet!  Their love is so evident in how they speak to and look at each other, but also in how they treat anyone they encounter.  Check out their fairy-tale, captured by Cami Zi Photography.


St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church has recently done some renovations and it looks gorgeous!  It’s such a beautiful church where many Two Peas couples have committed their lives to one another.

Sarah and John asked for a custom “Unplugged” mirrored sign from Two Peas Shop, and have returned it to me so future brides can rent it for their own big day!  Excuse the iPhone shot 😉





Though you always hope nothing will go wrong on your wedding day, one of the many benefits of hiring a coordinator is to be sure all your vendors follow through!  We had a hiccup with their original transportation company, but VIP Wedding Transportation came to the rescue and worked with me to be sure the bridal party rode in style to their reception at the Ballroom at Church Street.  I love these photos of Sarah and John enjoying the ride with their closest friends!


SJ10 SJ11


SJ12 SJ15

SJ16 SJ17


It’s always a good idea to incorporate some small details into your wedding that let your guests know who they are celebrating, and I loved Sarah and John’s subtle and classic hints toward their love of Disney all throughout the night!  Instrumental Disney music played during dinner, sheet music graced the center of cocktail tables, and we may have even planted a hidden Mickey here or there 🙂 Don’t be afraid to use your wedding day as a chance to showcase who you are!

SJ22 SJ23

As you can tell by the lack of quality, these next two photos are courtesy of yours truly.  I’m a planner and not a photographer for a reason!  Had to show off their sweet details though.

IMG_8673 IMG_8679



Sarah and John knew they had a high bar set for their dance as they are both performers, so they started slow, then showed off their choreographed two-step to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and blew their 200+ guests away!!  The DJ and I were entranced and couldn’t stop talking about how professional they looked!  Here’s a quick sequence of the best first dance I’ve ever seen at a wedding.

SJ25 SJ26

SJ27 SJ28


Sprinkles always makes a beautiful and deliciously sweet wedding cake.

SJ30 SJ31

Even sweeter?  What happens after it’s cut.


Oh, and doughnuts for an end-of-night snack!  I had to capture this sweet table with my phone before their guests devoured it – about 300 doughnuts gone in a few minutes!

IMG_8666 IMG_8668

DJ Live Productions kept all 200 guests on the floor the ENTIRE night.  I’ve never seen a dance floor party quite like this one!

SJ33 SJ34



Sarah and John, thank you for inviting me into your wedding day as coordinator, and into your lives as new friends!